Better Sleep Mattress | The Sleepfit Mattress
Better Sleep Mattress | The Sleepfit Mattress

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Natural Latex


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Seven Zone 100% Natural Latex Mattress

Seven Zone Latex Mattress | The Sleepfit Mattress
Latex Medium Hard Mattress | The Sleepfit

HARDCORE Latex Mattress

Our Extra Firm ( 100 Density) natural  latex mattress is offer a correct support and comfort for those who prefer hard mattress especially heavy body weight people.

Latex mattress is gift of nature to mankind which is environment friendly and hygienic . Natural Latex mattress offers immense  health benefits and improve the quality of the sleep as well.

Available in 4” to 8” thickness and is Customized as per your bed size.

Regular rice of  78x72x6″  ( king size) is Rs. 79800/=

Special price Rs. 47880/=


Latex Hard Ortho Mattress | The Sleepfit

MEDIUM FIRM Latex Mattress


Our 4″ or 6″ medium hard ( 80Density) pincore natural latex mattress is the best option for a comfortable sleep.

Natural latex moulds and adapts to the shape of the body and provides good pressure relief and even weight distribution across different sleeping positions.

Latex can help alleviate back pain by keeping the spine correctly aligned during sleep. Due to the removal of pressure , sleeping on latex mattress can also result in better blood circulation. .

Regular price of 78x72x6″ ( king size) is Rs. 72420 /

Special Price Rs.43452/=

Latex Hard and Soft Mattress | The Sleepfit Mattress

HARD AND SOFT Latex Mattress

The combination of our Hard and Soft ( 100D+65D ) mattress is for entire family

Natural latex is a premium material that provides excellent cushioning , support and pressure relief. It is produced from the sap of the rubber trees, offering green alternative to other conventional mattress like memory and PU foam mattresses.

Available in 6” ( 4” hard + 2” soft) and 8” ( 6” hard + 2” soft).  2”  soft Top layer  for  comfort  and the bottom hard for  support.

Regular  price of 78x72x6″ ( king size) is Rs.65178/=

Special  Price Rs.39100/=

Mattress for Entire Family

Easy Air Circulation

Keep Cool in Summer

All Age Friendly

Perfect Spine Support

Orthopedic Compliance

Latex ( Bonded Plus)  Mattress

Designed to avoid back pain and virtually eliminate back stiffness.

High-density rebounded foam at the bottom  and a medium firm latex on the top ensure both comfort and support.

The unique cell structure of latex foam its hundreds of pinholes and interconnected air cells created during its manufacturing , results a superior air flow and offer cool and comfortable sleep which makes latex mattress is different from other mattresses. Available in 5″  to 10 ” thickness of hard, medium , soft and extra soft

( Rebounded+Natural Latex Foam )


Hybrid Latex Bonded Mattress | The Sleepfit Mattress
Hybrid Latex Coir Mattress | The Sleepfit Mattress

Latex  (Coir plus) Mattress

100% Natural Orthopedic mattress 

A luxurious 100% natural mattress, eco-friendly mattress for all classes of people. Available in 5″ and 6″  of Hard, Medium, soft and extra soft as per your choice. Combination of high density coir and natural latex foam . Rubberised coir is a natural product and its supportive quality along with natural latex offers a very comfortable and orthopedic support for al age group irrespective of body weight. 

Rubberised coir Foam  + Natural Latex Foam 


   Latex ( Ortho Plus)Mattress

A Luxury  mattress at the price of an ordinary foam mattress.

Combination High- density rebounded foam , Coir foam and latex foam. Customized as per customer choice of Hard , Medium , Soft or Extra soft. 

Coir Foam  + Boned Foam + coir Foam  +hard latex +soft latex 

The starting price of 72x36x6″ Is Rs.9860= 


Hybrid Latex Bond & Coir Ortho Mattress | The Sleepfit Mattress
Hybrid Latex Coir Mattress | The Sleepfit Mattress

Mattress topper

100% Natural Latex  mattress Topper .

An extra cushioning for  your  existing  mattress.

A luxurious 100% natural latex made of  65 Density natural latex with in built cotton and zipped knitted fabric cover.  Available  in any size as per choice of hard .medium and soft . 

Contact us for  quote

Crib Mattress

A Non Toxic and Chemical free  cushioning material for a Child.

Latex foam is Hygienic and  eco Friendly. 2″ soft latex foam covered with organic cotton fabric cover is the best gift for your child .   

Please contact us for  price and other details .

Hybrid Latex Bond & Coir Ortho Mattress | The Sleepfit Mattress
Hybrid Latex Coir Mattress | The Sleepfit Mattress


100% Natural latex neck care pillows.

A luxurious eco friendly , hygienic  latex pillow is the gift of the nature .  A chemical free product is the  best for those who are allergic to synthetic , dust and chemicals. 

We have different size and shape of pillows.

please contact us for  more details .


Natural Latex Foam Sheets

Latex Foam Sheets are available in various size, thickness and density.

This is best  for Sofa seat , chair cushion etc.

our Soft latex is  widely used as topper for existing mattress. The medium firm latex foam is an alternate to PU foam in sofa seat and back rest.

Please contat us for more details.


Hybrid Latex Bond & Coir Ortho Mattress | The Sleepfit Mattress

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